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My estate

In the heart of the Baronnies, in Drôme Provençale, country of mountains, isolated in rugged terrain (between Montelimar, Orange and Gap) in Sainte Jalle on the slopes of the Ennuyé valley are planted our 30 hectares of vineyards through organic farming.


Our vineyard, located at 420 to 600 meters altitude on clay-limestone soils benefits from a lot of sunshine and a special microclimate (both Mediterranean and Alpine).

These conditions allow the revelation of our land.


The Baronnies are a land of wine since the Gallo-Romans, throughout time we find writings about wine.        

Our legacy, the vine has always been there on the family farm in larger or smaller areas. Grandfather Julien made wine in a small cellar in the old village and delivered the rest to the cooperative winery. In 1983, Jean Yves and Dominique decided to vinify the entire production and they created the field on the historic family farm near the village centre.

The old wheat warehouses of the 1900s house the winery.

The over 200 years old barn has been transformed into an ageing cellar.


Our family is based for centuries in STE JALLE. The LIOTAUD is one of the oldest families in the valley, we can trace this surname back to the eleventh century.

The last 2 generations has put forward their passion for viticulture and their land. The new one is taking over in the same spirit with the children: Alexandre, enthusiastic oenologist and Benjamin, excellent mechanic.